The members of YDS span from different sectors of work life including software engineers, networking engineers, physiotherapists, chartered accountants and many more. They believe in sharing their experiences with other youths thereby helping them to have a successful career. To achieve this, they impart free education on weekends to students pursuing various professional courses in technical, project management and accounting market sector. This includes running bridging courses and professional courses Cisco Certifications, Juniper Network Certifications, Microsoft Technology Certifications, Prince2, ACA, ACCA and CIMA.

Volunteers also help in preparing analysing a career path, Curriculum Vitae, interviews and group discussions. They mentor youths on how to cope with work pressure and maintain a healthy work life balance. As a result of these services, we have seen the quality of life of both individuals and families improve significantly. These individuals are now contributing to the community via their employment or business as well as time and additional resources they make available to charities they associate with.

YDS emphasises the need for communication, love and understanding as a means to achieving unity within the families as well as the community at large. To bring these values into practice, we encourage families to participate in these outings and fun activities which gives opportunities to various families to inter mingle amongst themselves and thus improve their understanding towards each other.