Donations / Gift Aid Explained

HMRC operates a scheme called Gift Aid that allows charities to claim the basic rate tax on every pound donated. So if you donated £100 to Yogi Divine Society (UK), it means that you could actually be giving us £125. Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised at no extra cost to you.

If you are taxed at the higher rate of 40%, Yogi Divine Society (UK) can still only reclaim tax at the basic rate of 20%.

However, higher rate taxpayers can also claim the difference between the higher tax rate (40%) and the basic rate (20%) on the total (gross) value of a donation made.

Use the Gift Aid calculator as a guide.

For more information on Gift Aid click here and for claiming tax back on donations click here.

Please confirm here if Yogi Divine Society (UK) can claim Gift Aid on your donations.


Gift Aid Calculator